Civil Engineering & Traffic Technology

Sub-Surface Ezyloops

EzyLoops Sub-Surface Loops are electromagnetic traffic detection loops that are pre-formed and encapsulated in a protective, adhesive membrane so that they may be laid within a road pavement as a single unit. The Sub-surface loops can be laid at a depth of between 2" and 6" during the construction or maintenance of the road surface.

The benefits of EzyLoops to be considered when detection loops need to be installed or replaced, are:-
  • No detrimental affects to the pavement integrity, because of the loops thin profile 1/4”. EzyLoops actually bind into the pavement layers reinforcing the pavement. There are no reflective cracks or saw-cuts at the surface; the result is a longer pavement life.
  • Self adhesive thin profile enables their use under thin pavement layers, 2" without saw cutting, also allowing traffic to pass over the loops for short periods during installation and traffic lane changes.
  • The installation of EzyLoops takes a fraction of the time that is required for the installation of traditional saw-cut loops.
  • EzyLoops can be easily made to any shape or size.
  • Arrives on site in a roll with peel-and-stick-down backing.
  • Number and placement of wires can be seen as ridges in the sandwich, thus enabling on-site inspection and verification of correct configuration.
Ezyloops are distributed through Ezyloops USA, based in California. Ezyloops USA has been servicing the USA and Canada for over 10 years.

Download Sub-Surface Brouchure