Civil Engineering & Traffic Technology

Surface Mounted Ezyloops

EzyLoops Surface Mounted loops are electromagnetic vehicle detection loops that are pre-formed and encapsulated in a protective mat, so that they may be laid onto a pavement surface as a single unit. The loops are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of direct vehicle loading in access control situations. The installation of EzyLoops takes a fraction of the time that is required for the installation of traditional saw-cut loops.

EzyLoops are NOT cut into the road after the pavement has been constructed. They are simply fixed to the surface of the pavement using a single part adhesive with supplementary pinning of corners if required.
No saw cutting, means, no polluted water down the storm water system. No need to sand bag. But most importantly because the pavement is not cut to install the loops, the structural integrity of the pavement is maintained and its life is extended.EzyLoops Systems Surface-mounted loops are ideally suited for installation into multi story car park situations, as the installation will have no affect on the post-tensioning in the concrete slab.

Ezyloops are distributed through Ezyloops USA, based in California. Ezyloops USA has been servicing the USA and Canada for over 10 years.

Download Surface-Mounted Ezyloops Brouchure